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About Shah

Hello!  I have a decade of experience in construction, renovation and property management. I am organized, meticulous about keeping your property clean (both the air and surfaces), and make every effort to do the job to a high standard. I care deeply about my customers and always consider their needs when preparing and executing every project. 

In order to work with me, it is important to know that I do some things differently from other renovations companies:

1. I am onsite all day, every day. This means that I am not only the primary manager on your project, but also the primary worker. I do not contract out my project to other workers. Occasionally, I will need assistants to complete certain tasks. You will be informed of every additional worker that I bring to the site and they will always be under my supervision. You never have to worry about the quality of workmanship or about the security of your property and belongings. 

2. With my proposal, I will provide a detailed project plan with a list of materials. You will always see ACTUAL material costs. I never take commission on materials. You can expect this level of transparency on all of my projects. 

3. I will send you weekly update reports that include photos of the work completed. These reports will also include descriptions: all work completed, next steps, project changes, and any other notable project-related information. 


LAW #1: “Cleanliness and organization are paramount.
Too often construction workers treat the property as a house, not a home. As a result they do not take care to keep the surfaces and air as clean as possible. This leads to unnecessary property damage and costly mistakes. I treat your property as a precious home, with all the respect and care that it deserves.”

LAW #2: "Good communication is non-negotiable.
It is my responsibility to make the customer as happy and as satisfied as possible. In order to do this, the customer and I need to be on the same page when it comes to goals, schedules, expectations, and plan changes. In order to ensure good communication, I send the customer weekly project updates (with photos), including the work that has been completed, the next steps, and any scope changes to the project."

LAW #3: "Trust is a key ingredient to customer satisfaction.
While trust is something that usually comes with time and experience, I try to establish an immediate level of trust by being entirely transparent in all pricing. The customer will always know the REAL price of supplies and labor. There will never be hidden commissions, fees, or upcharges."
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